11 Ways to Drive More eCommerce Traffic & Sales

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In this era of e-commerce, it is merely possible for a newly established online store to gain popularity immediately. If you want your store to get the attention of a huge traffic audience then you’ll have to follow a number of ways that basically don’t ask you to buy ads and load yourself with more stress, instead, they provide you with cheap and accessible steps that you can take and get your store a lot of customers.

Below are the 12 ways to drive more traffic & sales to your eCommerce store:

1. Referral Program

  • Including a referral program and recommendation section in your store can be a way to get more traffic.
  • Through the referral program, trustable traffic of the audience joins because they’ve seen your product reviews either by their friends or family

2. Up-Selling

  • You can use this attractive technique to get a new audience to your store because it’ll mostly be containing discounted deals that will allow customers to buy more than one product and you will get the profit eventually.

3. Write To The Point Propositions

  • You have to write everything about your store in such words that will prove that you outshine all the others.
  • Mention why your product is unique and how it can help in ways the other same products from different stores can’t.

4. Make It Load Quickly

  • You can get a new audience by making your site to work quicker.
  • If your store’s webpage takes longer than 15 seconds to load, it really needs to be fixed so that people don’t abandon your store.

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5. Provide Social Proof

  • One thing that attracts a new audience is the social proof, which is in the form of customer reviews about products, and including these reviews with the product’s description can be a source to get more audience.

6. Make It Mobile Friendly

  • New customers can be gained by making your store able to be opened on mobile devices quickly because people are more comfortable on mobiles while shopping.

7. Focus On SEO

  • It is the Search Engine Optimisation, and to make your product available quickly while a customer searches for it on the internet, use Google Keyword Planner, which will help you in choosing the right list of words for your products

8. Develop CTAs

  • CTAs will definitely help in attracting an audience to your store because they include your store’s URL.
  • Mention CTAs on every social media page of your store so that a new audience gets directed towards your store.

9. Make A Sales Campaign

  • Develop a campaign showcasing sales and discounts on your products and spread the word to all of your social media sites. This way, more people will love to join you and buy products at discounted prices.

10. Use Instagram And Facebook

  • The additional features on both of these apps allow you to add the URL of your store in the stories. By doing so, people will also share your stories with each other and will get your store traffic that it deserves.
  • You can also add a link to your store in your Instagram bio.

11. Send Emails

  • Send an email blast to all of your present customers and mention discounts or giveaways in it. Also, add a Share with Friends button in it so that they forward it to others and get more traffic to your store.

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