Startup Journey

Wimo Startup Journey

Our Story

2 years

Since we launched

22 staff

Across 5 cities


Successfully completed tasks

35+ million

Collected cash on delivery

A note from Sam, our CEO

Hi there —

If you are really curious to know our story, then, start thinking of all your previous managers and companies which you have worked for. Did they treat you fairly? Did they favor some of your peers on others? Did you really feel that you are working as a team?

Our story is quite interesting. We (me and Bahaa, my partner) worked for many places from multi-nationals, government, semi-government and private sector. They all shared one basic issue. They never considered employees as the real enablers within the organization; but resources to deliver a certain goal or a new initiative. These initiatives are always driven by the top-level CEO or managers who fail inspire or be open about what they want to achieve with this new initiative with their employees who are actually the ones who can make it possible. On the other side, my partner and myself are big believers in AGILE project and team management. We dont only think it is a type of project management which applies to software projects but we believe it’s more of a lifestyle to be adopted by people in different domains and verticals.

In a particular exciting project, we both joined forces (this is how actually we met :)) to this initiative from an idea to reality using AGILE principles and practices. Simply, it was magical with the team, with management, with our customers, press, and so on. These 2 sides of the picture made us feel obligated to build a company focused on making lives of employees better by treating them as changes who get Inspired, Mpowered and Open up about their issues, challenges and goals. Logistics and Mobile workforce management captured our eyes as they are the biggest industries which are quite labor-intensive and suffer from low profitability. Thus, their employees drastically suffer from unfair practices, low wages and maltreatment.

Its quite challenging to manage, monitor, and supervise them because they are always on the move which makes very challenging to measure their efficiency or performance in companies who lack the necessary tools to do so.

This is the reason why WIMO was born with solid values to disrupt an industry suffering from lots of issues and malpractices. If you, also, believe in our goal and want to Mpower your employees, please drop us a line at and lets have a talk.

Best Regards,

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