How does Cash on Delivery (COD) work for eCommerce?

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What is COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Cash on delivery or COD is a popular form of payment for purchases made online.

COD allows buyers to make payments for their purchases via cash or card at the time of delivery of their orders.

Research suggests that the customers are confident about their purchases made via the COD model.

It also increases the probability of sales for eCommerce sellers.

The COD Methodology

The process of the COD mode of payment for an order is simple.

Delivery agents collect the invoice amount of a consignment from its consignee in the form of cash at the time of delivery.

In this method of payment, both the buyer and seller are satisfied.

From the seller’s point of view, cash handling is simple and does not involve any complex processes.

The proceeds from a sale are realized instantly, and the possibilities of payment failures are ruled out. COD could only pose a problem if the order amount is too high.

WIMO offers an Instant COD feature using which you can take control of your cash flow and receive payments with no hold. We guarantee COD remittance instantly.

Do you know? We are the only company that provides Instant COD remittance in Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates

From the buyer’s viewpoint, the cash on the delivery mode is preferable as payments are made only after a consignment actually arrives.

Furthermore, in cases of damaged or wrong deliveries, the buyer may refuse to accept the package.

There are fewer risks since the payment is made only after the ordered product is delivered. Payments can be deferred until the delivery of the required item is effectuated.

Working of Cash on Delivery (CoD) and its Process Flow

The entire process of COD involves the placement and execution of order except for the collection of the payment.

The cash payment is made to the supplier by the buyer after the consignment is delivered.

However, the process of COD begins from the moment your order is placed.

Usually, eCommerce companies ship via their courier partner. If not, they hire a separate logistics partner for delivering consignments and collecting payment.

  • After an order is placed with an eCommerce company, the concerned item is sourced from a supplier. Once sourced, an invoice-cum-delivery challan is prepared by the eCommerce company. This invoice-cum-challan is in most cases attached to the consignment for easy retrieval.
  • The consignment together with the invoice is handed over to a logistics company for delivering the order and collecting payment in cash.
  • The delivery executive is authorized to collect cash immediately on the delivery of the order to the customer’s doorstep. However, some companies accept card payments as well at the time of delivery. That being said, delivery executives also carry a card swiping machine.
  • The money ultimately reaches the merchant of the ordered product.

Final Say

Cash on Delivery is a relatively risk-free process of buying products and services online. It is especially true for the first time online buyers, and for products that are expensive.

COD has been instrumental in the unprecedented growth of online commerce in GCC. It is an easy concept for the masses to understand and accept.

In GCC, it is a payment process that is expected to stay for several years.


Cheapest Way to Ship to Saudi Arabia

Wimo® is a one-stop shipping solution for ecommerce. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

International shipping requires more than a little effort.

When your package is traveling across borders, you have to comply with regulations of both the origin and destination countries.

You’ll also have a number of timing and cost issues to consider. Understanding all this will help you find the best shipping rates.

If you’re planning to expand your eCommerce business and ship to Saudi Arabia, you’ll want to know the cheapest and correct way to do this.

How Long Does Shipping to Saudi Arabia Take?

Of course, the answer to this question generally depends on the particular courier and service class you use.

If you’re using an express courier service, you can usually get your shipment to your Saudi Arabia customers within 2-4 days; but this can be an expensive way to ship so should be reserved for urgent or important shipments.

If cost is a concern, you can ship to Saudi Arabia with an economy courier service; this will deliver your package within 7-14 days.

Things to Consider

There are numerous things that will affect your shipping costs, and you should carefully consider these before deciding whether to ship to Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps the most important thing is to work out whether government regulations – both in your origin country and in Saudi Arabia – will allow your product to be shipped.

Many governments and couriers restrict dangerous goods or certain types of liquids, so you should check this.

In certain cases, you may be required to get a license to ship these types of items.

Of course, documentation is a crucial part of international shipping.

You will have to carefully prepare all the customs paperwork with accurate information about your shipment, including its declared value and harmonized codes.

WIMO can help you with the documents you need.

Another very important point that you need to consider is the duties or taxes you will have to pay.

Every item has its assigned percentage for duties or exemption for different items.

It’s important that your customs paperwork is filled out accurately because your duties will be calculated according to this.

Filling Out Shipping Paperwork

While preparing your parcel for shipping, you’ll need to ensure you have all the appropriate documents in order. For foreigners sending parcels back home, you’ll have to attach a copy of a government-issued ID (Iqama).

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to get your customs paperwork right, and WIMO can make this a breeze.

Find Cheap Shipping to Saudi Arabia

If you’re an eCommerce business owner that wants to ship to Saudi Arabia, then it would be very useful to find the cheapest rates as this will be beneficial for both you and your customers.

Finding the cheapest shipping rates will not only help you save costs and protect your bottom line, but it can also help you offer more options to your customs and potentially drive conversions.

WIMO can help you find cheap ways to ship to Saudi Arabia. We offer Worldwide pick-up in bulk to our fulfillment centers around Saudi Arabia.

By using WIMO you can improve your transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.


Three Benefits to Having Multiple Fulfillment Centers in Saudi Arabia & UAE

Wimo® is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

A big factor to consider while choosing a logistics provider is the location of their warehouse. While partnering is an effective way to manage fulfilment, why settle for one warehouse when you can have more?

Spreading inventory across multiple fulfilment centres and geographic locations mean you can be as competitive as companies with their own locations across Saudi Arabia, without the hassle of building up your own infrastructure.

There are 3 advantages to fulfilling orders out of multiple warehouses.

1. Faster shipping

How fast (or slow) is your standard delivery options? Today’s shoppers are spoilt for choices. There is nothing stopping them from leaving your site to find competitive online sellers who can deliver within their expected shipping times. If you can’t deliver the goods in less than 48 hours, you can most likely expect to see a drop in sales.

Ultimately, the faster a customer gets their order, the happier they will be. If your customers don’t all reside in one geographical region, having a large network of warehouses is really going to help you with this.

Having a fulfilment partner with a national network of warehouses guarantees that every time a customer places an order online, it will automatically be fulfilled from the warehouse closest to that customer. This significantly reduces delivery times which will help in retaining repeat customers and ensure growing sales.

2. Split shipping

Split shipping refers to any shipment with multiple items that have been broken down and split into two or more shipments.

This allows orders to be distributed through shipments from multiple warehouses in the event a single warehouse is unable to fulfil the complete order.

A fulfilment provider that has a split shipping product feature will benefit you if you run out of stock in a particular warehouse.

Customers come to a particular business to buy a product. To discover, in the middle of a shopping experience, that this business doesn’t have the desired item can disappoint customers. This leads them to look for an alternative competitor for the product.

A lack of inventory means longer waiting times for stock to be replenished. 53% of consumers said that speed of delivery is an important factor when it comes to evaluating their online orders, so stock-outs can almost always guarantee a loss in sales.

Split shipping protects you from potential out of stock mishaps. Even when inventory is low in certain warehouses, this feature ensures that orders are immediately fulfilled and delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

3. Lower shipping costs

When you only have one warehouse to ship out of, it can take a long time to physically reach your farthest customers. This means higher shipping rates.

It’s like flying from Riyadh to Makkah when compared to your country to Makkah. Which ticket is going to cost more?

It’s the same principle with your orders. The closer the stock is to your customers, the less it’ll cost you to get your products to them, which is efficient for both the seller and shopper.

With today’s expectations, high shipping prices will be all it takes for a customer to consider your brand a bad experience. Fulfilling out of multiple warehouses means you can place and store inventory closer to customers, which can significantly drive down your shipping costs.

Partnering and having access to a fulfilment providers national footprint lets you leverage their reach without having to pay for the extra infrastructure. Meaning outsourcing fulfilment can help you get your products to your customers in a fast and affordable manner.

If you’re interested in a finding out how much it would cost you to expand your network with WIMO
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Ship Packages Without Leaving Your Office / House

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

For online business, it is imperative that you take care of your customers and their orders. Which brings us here to share with you on how efficiently and effectively run your online business with the help of automation in orders and dispatching your parcels – shipping.

What you normally do

When you want to deliver your orders to your customers, you will go to the nearest courier service hub, wait in a long queue, and fill up details just to send out the parcels. You’d wasted time, fuel, and your own resources.

Of course, this is an unlikely occurrence nowadays since most of the courier services now provide door to door services.

However, there are always requirements. For some courier services, you will have to meet up to certain weights or sizes in order for them to collect from you. And sometimes, there will be extra fees as well.

Therefore, what you need is a solution that not only takes care of your shipping rates but also in streamlining your fulfillment flow.

What you should be doing

With the integration of WIMO with your E-Commerce store, all you need to do is just to press a few keys on your computer and you are good to go. Skipping all the complicated delivery booking processes.

So what is WIMO?

WIMO is a logistic service platform that allows you to check for delivery rates from different courier companies and book for delivery online. In layman terms, it is hotel booking platforms like Booking.com or Agoda.com where you can book any hotels you want online. And that is exactly how WIMO works in terms of delivering.

Besides, there are some of the aspects why you should use WIMO for your delivery.

Why You Should Use WIMO

1. Automation

WIMO will automatically generate Airway bill numbers, shipping labels and allows a one-click pick-up generation mechanism.

On top of that, you don’t have to write every Airway bill because our system will automatically save your addresses when you first enter any address in our system. Simple, easy, and saves time.

2. Ship With Lower Cost

WIMO charges very basic and discounted shipping rates.  In other words, WIMO provides a simplified shipping platform where businesses could book any manner of consignment for delivery at prices they couldn’t achieve themselves, backed up by the knowledge and expertise of industry veterans.

3. Ship with Your Favorite Courier Services

WIMO provides competitive shipping rates among our courier partners and provides users with a faster, more customized self-service process with just a few clicks on electronic devices, where your selected courier provider will come to your home or workplace to collect your parcel.

Therefore, you can focus on their task without the need to travel from your working place just to deliver your parcels.

How it works in WIMO

1. Auto Calculate Shipping Rates

Having a headache on how to charge your customers? Once you connect WIMO to your E-Commerce platform, your customers will be able to choose WIMO to send their parcel at the checkout. Besides, the shipping rate will also be calculated automatically based on your product weight so that you don’t have to set up the shipping rate by yourself.

2. Fulfillment Automation

And now goes into the second part, which is the fulfillment. You can fulfill the order directly within your from your E-Commerce platform with WIMO. You can choose the pickup date for the postmen to collect the parcel from you.

3. Auto-fill Airway bill

The auto-generate airway bill is already pre-filled with all the information you need to deliver. All you need to do is to print it out and paste it on your parcel. This convenience you as you don’t have to hand fill any of the information on the airway bill, saving you a lot of time and energy.

In a sum

WIMO is a solution that not only helps you in your businesses during cities lockdown, it also helps your e-commerce business to grow in the online presence as well.

With all the features and solutions available connect to your E-Commerce platform, we are sure you are able to sustain or grow significantly in times like this.

Shipping can make or break your business

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

Ecommerce businesses don’t have a lot of the issues that “brick and mortar” businesses need to deal with – like maintaining a showroom or making sure there is enough parking.

But any business that sells products online needs to have a laser focus on the pick, pack and ship process. This critical part of ecommerce sales can make or break your business.

The pick, pack and ship process.

When a new customer places an order on your website, it signals the start of the pick, pack and ship process.

Your employees (or your outside fulfilment team) need to find the item in your warehouse, pack it up properly and ship it out to the right customer.

Although it seems very straightforward on paper, you’ve no doubt experienced the complications that can arise.

There’s plenty of room for inefficiencies, lost items, late deliveries and incorrect shipments unless you have a solid process to follow with supporting technology.

If your pick, pack and ship process isn’t well designed and executed, you could experience trouble in your business.

Your online customers are putting trust in your company to deliver exactly what they ordered within a reliable time frame. When your pick, pack and ship process slows down delivery or causes errors, you end up with more returns, chargebacks and poor customer service ratings.

For this reason, among others, many eCommerce companies opt to outsource their pick, pack and ship need to a reliable fulfilment service.

Fulfilment services can take the hassle out of getting products out to customers and help you streamline your business.

With outsourced pick, pack and ship services your company can:

Focus on doing one thing well – growing your business.

If managing a warehouse and taking care of shipping items doesn’t fall under your staff’s area of expertise, it doesn’t matter! When you work with a fulfillment company for your pick, pack and ship needs you can put your focus on finding new prospects, improving your online advertising and developing marketing programs to sell more products.

Save on warehouse and storage costs.

When you keep pick, pack and ship in-house you increase your business costs, which can hurt your growth potential. Why spend that extra money on renting storage space when you could be investing in targeting advertising that makes more sales? Fulfillment services can worry about the warehouse space needed to store your inventory, and you can pay one flat rate.

Improve your shipping turnaround times.

Hiring a fulfillment service for pick, pack and ship means faster shipments – and that means happier customers. A fulfillment services has the process of pick, pack and ship so streamlined and efficient that you’ll be able to reduce shipping times and get great feedback from your buyers.

The pick, pack and ship process can make or break your business. Be sure that you’re doing the best for your company, your customers and your future growth by choosing a proven and professional fulfillment team for this critical step.


5 tips to getting higher ROI on your Eid campaign in 2020

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

We know that when a major festival is coming to a near, people are preparing. And by preparing I mean, they are in shopping mode. This will also attract more marketers to spend more on marketing, so they don’t miss out on the opportunity.

It’s crucial to get your festive marketing right because you don’t want to be burning through your marketing dollars and not get returns.

Here are five tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing spend.

1. Strategic discounts and promotions

Shoppers will be looking for the best offers they can get.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy on discounts just to sell as much as possible.

Think of a specific goal you want to achieve with the discounts.

It can be to get rid of old inventory, to increase basket value, to encourage repeat purchases, or to reward existing customers and maximize lifetime value.

Let’s say that your goal is to maximize lifetime value.

Then you would create an offer exclusively for existing customers only.

New customers will not get the discount.

2. Run ads targeting existing customers

It costs seven times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

Your customers have already bought from you before so they don’t need as much convincing to buy from you.

Using Facebook ads, instead of targeting by interests, you can show your ads to people that have already engaged with your business by targeting custom audiences.

This is why I prefer using delivery software like WIMO.

My customers’ shipping details are automatically saved in the address book whenever I create a new shipment.

I then can export my customers’ information like email address and phone number and upload that list as a custom audience for Facebook ads.

3. Run ads targeting warm & hot audiences

Existing customers might not be a big enough pool of audience.

You can still get a higher return on ad spend by showing your ads to people that haven’t bought from you but have engaged with your business in some way.

Aside from uploading email list or phone numbers, you can also create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your page or Instagram or those that have visited your website.

They just need a little bit more convincing to complete that purchase.

But not as much convincing as those that have never heard of you before.

4. Increase basket value

One way to increase business profit is to get customers to spend more on order.

There are many different ways to this.

  • Set a minimum order amount for discounts
  • Bundle products together
  • Set a free shipping threshold (ex: free shipping on orders AED100 and above)
  • Add credit card as payment method option
  • Loyalty program

5. Create a better shopping experience

This is important because it will help you to increase your conversion rate.

Some of the things you can do are create a shopping guide, make sure your website is easy to navigate and shipping costs are displayed before checkout.

An excellent shopping experience doesn’t stop when payment is made.

It is when the customer gets their hands on your product.

This is a critical moment of truth for online retailers because that can take days.

Make sure you provide a great experience after the purchase by being efficient with the shipping process from when the order is received until it is shipped out.

Don’t keep your customers guessing when their orders will arrive by using tracking notifications.

This can easily and quickly be done through WIMO.


Just discounting or spending more on marketing than usual will maybe get you more sales, but it will not give you a high return on your investment if you are not using it effectively.

Focus on what will give you the most returns with the least amount of marketing investment.

Also, make sure there is a strategy behind every activity.

4 benefits Wimo fulfillment service for your online business

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

What are the top advantages to online sellers that use a Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) Service?…

1. Eliminate Storing Inventory and Packing Boxes

Unless you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, managing a physical space may not be ideal.

It’s no surprise that many e-commerce businesses want to avoid the hassle of storing inventory or dealing with warehousing.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to pack boxes and run to the post office every day, Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service is a great alternative.

The number one sign that it’s time to use Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service is no longer being able to keep up with your increasing order volume.

Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service helps you spend less time worrying about packing supplies and post office lines and give you more time back to grow your business.

2. Focus on the big picture

While packing boxes and shipping customer orders are critical to meeting consumer expectations, they are generally tasks that can be easily outsourced.

Entrepreneurs and ecommerce store managers have an endless to-do list, so they must stay laser-focused on the tasks that only they can do and those that will help them scale and make money.

Taking the time spent on order fulfillment and instead focus on marketing, customer service, and product management can help ecommerce businesses be more strategic and less operational.

There will never be enough time in the day but using Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service can help sellers be more proactive in other areas of the business.

3. Leave It to the experts

Logistics can be challenging, and a fulfillment center is a complex machine with many moving pieces that must simultaneously work together.

From order processing and inventory management to preparations for peak shopping seasons, WimoShip are domain experts and have seen it all.

Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service center handles operations for countless ecommerce businesses and ships millions of orders out regularly.

Because of this, their volume and experience make them a strategic partner.

WimoShip can also drive greater efficiencies in everything from the low shipping rates they negotiate using their cross-border network to the number, size, and locations of their fulfillment centers — all to be utilized by the ecommerce businesses they work with.

4. Automate warehousing and fulfillment

WimoShip keeps technology at the center of their fulfillment services. This means that every step of the fulfillment process is automatically documented in real-time for e-commerce businesses to know the status of their inventory and each order in the fulfillment center without having to be there.

This is possible when WimoShip have built-in integrations with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

This connection enables each customer order to be automatically sent to the Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service center to get picked, packed, and shipped out.

Once shipped, tracking info is pushed back to the e-commerce store and shared with the customer.


How to get deliveries done in less than 1 minutes using WimoShip

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

Nowadays, many people opt for delivery services to send over a variety of things.

For instance, delivery of gifts and presents, goods and products which are essential in online business.

Online businesses depend mainly on delivery services to meet those requirements. If delivery services could not offer stellar delivery, it will very likely affect the businesses in a negative way.

As there are so many demands, many couriers offer assorted packages with different fees.

However, the current mainstream courier in UAE often faces with delays and late arrival.

Fret not, there are many other couriers which can provide you with better service. Meet WimoShip.

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It surely can get your postage process and delivery done in less than 1 minutes.

Save money on every delivery

With WimoShip, it doesn’t matter whether you send 1 or even 100 parcels per day, you can enjoy cheap shipping rates that are usually reserved only for big companies.

WimoShip helps small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to flourish.

Worry not, you are certainly not bound to any minimum commitment or contract in order to enjoy such low rates.

Ship more in less time

Usually, it takes a lot of time to get your customer shipments done.

However, WimoShip helps to simplify and speed up the amount of time to ship out orders.

Fortunately, printable shipping labels and pick up service are available with WimoShip. Indeed, you can say bye-bye to handwriting consignment notes and queuing at the post office.

Easily get ship done

WimoShip offers 3 easy steps to get your ship done. Just book, print and, send out.

  1. Book – Orders can be made through e-commerce integrations. The other way is by filling out shipping details using booking form provided.
  2. Print – Shipping label can be easily printed and attached to the item. The label contains tracking number, barcode and shipping details.
  3. Send – WimoShip partners will come to pick-up and deliver the item. If you prefer, you may simply drop the item at the nearest drop-off center depending on which courier service you choose.

All types of delivery on one platform

One of the disadvantages of delivery services is that fragile and vulnerable items can be broken easily.

However, WimoShip can cater to your needs regardless of the items.

You can send parcels, documents, food, flowers, or even cakes with WimoShip.

Any fragile items or large packages can be delivered using one platform.

All items will be handled with care and love.

More than just delivery

Other than delivery services provided, WimoShip also comes with amazing shipping features that can help to enhance online businesses.

It has shipping labels, liability coverage, and automatic notification to update the delivery status.

There is also an option for cash on delivery (COD) to deliver and collect payment.

All in all, WimoShip provides numerous advantages to its delivery services.

For sure, entrepreneurs like you only want nothing but the best for your online business.

Hence, WimoShip is certainly the best choice to opt for.


5 reasons why you should use WimoShip shipping platform

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

Do you know…

What makes WimoShip shipping services different from standard mail delivery services, like the national postal service or a large delivery chain?

There are several reasons which set it apart, and there is no better way to start using WimoShip for your business now.

Let’s begin why…


WimoShip secures the package or the parcel during the delivery process. The probability of getting the package or parcel damaged or lost is low.

You do not have to worry about losing the package or receive a damaged parcel.

WimoShip uses most advanced tracking tech to ensure your shipment reaches the destination safely.

2. Speed

By using WimoShip service, your package will reach the destination quickly and efficiently.

Our partners come pick-up and deliver your item or simply drop the item at the nearest drop-off point.

This saves your time without having to go to the post office.

3. Affordability

As a business owner, you look at the fees and the delivery charges when choosing your preferred courier service.

By using WimoShip, you can check the shipping rates for items you send plus you as a small business owner can also enjoy lower courier rates typically reserved for bigger companies.

No minimum commitment or contract required.

4. Availability

Look for the courier company that is available to deliver the packages anytime.

They must be able to deliver the packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which includes public holidays and weekends.

This enables people who need to send an important parcel when another shipping service is not available.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all of your shipping needs, check out WimoShip here.

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