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Wimo's Cash on Delivery (COD) + Instant Remittance

Connect and gain the trust of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait & Oman customers with Wimo’s reliable Cash on Delivery service.

Leave No Shoppers Behind

A large population of people in the Middle East is unbanked. Don’t leave any opportunity unexplored and propel your company’s growth by offering one of the most popular methods of payment in the region – Cash on delivery COD

Crossborder COD, at Scale

Managing Cash on delivery in one country overseas can be daunting, and handling multiple currencies at once is even more difficult. Get rid of the headache and get your easy-to-manage solution at Wimo now.

Receive the Payments Your Way

Crossborder Cash on Delivery should never leave you cross-eyed, at least not with Wimo. Easily indicate your currency preference in our system and receive your COD payments your way.

WIMO® Cash on Delivery - InstaCash

Instant COD Remittance. Take control of your cash flow and receive payments with no hold. Grow your eCommerce business with a faster and the-only-in-industry remittance process in UAE & KSA

Unrestricted cash flow

Guaranteed weekly remittance*

Improved business cash cycle

Cash on Delivery Exactly Where You Need It

Offer Cash On Delivery with confidence in Middle East’s most strategic markets like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and more. Your way to growth is just around the corner.

Manage COD Payments on Our Platform

It’s as easy as 1 2 3. Make your order in our platform, as usual, input the amount to be collected, and you are good to go.


By using COD, Wimo will provide a statement of account by showing the collect delivery and transaction in a view


Wimo Cash on delivery (COD) offers a risk-free payment option upon delivery

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Domestic & International Shipping with best-in-industry COD Instant remittance process. It’s time to make your business bigger and better.

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