4 benefits Wimo fulfillment service for your online business

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

What are the top advantages to online sellers that use a Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) Service?…

1. Eliminate Storing Inventory and Packing Boxes

Unless you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, managing a physical space may not be ideal.

It’s no surprise that many e-commerce businesses want to avoid the hassle of storing inventory or dealing with warehousing.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to pack boxes and run to the post office every day, Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service is a great alternative.

The number one sign that it’s time to use Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service is no longer being able to keep up with your increasing order volume.

Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service helps you spend less time worrying about packing supplies and post office lines and give you more time back to grow your business.

2. Focus on the big picture

While packing boxes and shipping customer orders are critical to meeting consumer expectations, they are generally tasks that can be easily outsourced.

Entrepreneurs and ecommerce store managers have an endless to-do list, so they must stay laser-focused on the tasks that only they can do and those that will help them scale and make money.

Taking the time spent on order fulfillment and instead focus on marketing, customer service, and product management can help ecommerce businesses be more strategic and less operational.

There will never be enough time in the day but using Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service can help sellers be more proactive in other areas of the business.

3. Leave It to the experts

Logistics can be challenging, and a fulfillment center is a complex machine with many moving pieces that must simultaneously work together.

From order processing and inventory management to preparations for peak shopping seasons, WimoShip are domain experts and have seen it all.

Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service center handles operations for countless ecommerce businesses and ships millions of orders out regularly.

Because of this, their volume and experience make them a strategic partner.

WimoShip can also drive greater efficiencies in everything from the low shipping rates they negotiate using their cross-border network to the number, size, and locations of their fulfillment centers — all to be utilized by the ecommerce businesses they work with.

4. Automate warehousing and fulfillment

WimoShip keeps technology at the center of their fulfillment services. This means that every step of the fulfillment process is automatically documented in real-time for e-commerce businesses to know the status of their inventory and each order in the fulfillment center without having to be there.

This is possible when WimoShip have built-in integrations with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

This connection enables each customer order to be automatically sent to the Fulfillment by Wimo (FBW) service center to get picked, packed, and shipped out.

Once shipped, tracking info is pushed back to the e-commerce store and shared with the customer.


How to get deliveries done in less than 1 minutes using WimoShip

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

Nowadays, many people opt for delivery services to send over a variety of things.

For instance, delivery of gifts and presents, goods and products which are essential in online business.

Online businesses depend mainly on delivery services to meet those requirements. If delivery services could not offer stellar delivery, it will very likely affect the businesses in a negative way.

As there are so many demands, many couriers offer assorted packages with different fees.

However, the current mainstream courier in UAE often faces with delays and late arrival.

Fret not, there are many other couriers which can provide you with better service. Meet WimoShip.

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It surely can get your postage process and delivery done in less than 1 minutes.

Save money on every delivery

With WimoShip, it doesn’t matter whether you send 1 or even 100 parcels per day, you can enjoy cheap shipping rates that are usually reserved only for big companies.

WimoShip helps small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to flourish.

Worry not, you are certainly not bound to any minimum commitment or contract in order to enjoy such low rates.

Ship more in less time

Usually, it takes a lot of time to get your customer shipments done.

However, WimoShip helps to simplify and speed up the amount of time to ship out orders.

Fortunately, printable shipping labels and pick up service are available with WimoShip. Indeed, you can say bye-bye to handwriting consignment notes and queuing at the post office.

Easily get ship done

WimoShip offers 3 easy steps to get your ship done. Just book, print and, send out.

  1. Book – Orders can be made through e-commerce integrations. The other way is by filling out shipping details using booking form provided.
  2. Print – Shipping label can be easily printed and attached to the item. The label contains tracking number, barcode and shipping details.
  3. Send – WimoShip partners will come to pick-up and deliver the item. If you prefer, you may simply drop the item at the nearest drop-off center depending on which courier service you choose.

All types of delivery on one platform

One of the disadvantages of delivery services is that fragile and vulnerable items can be broken easily.

However, WimoShip can cater to your needs regardless of the items.

You can send parcels, documents, food, flowers, or even cakes with WimoShip.

Any fragile items or large packages can be delivered using one platform.

All items will be handled with care and love.

More than just delivery

Other than delivery services provided, WimoShip also comes with amazing shipping features that can help to enhance online businesses.

It has shipping labels, liability coverage, and automatic notification to update the delivery status.

There is also an option for cash on delivery (COD) to deliver and collect payment.

All in all, WimoShip provides numerous advantages to its delivery services.

For sure, entrepreneurs like you only want nothing but the best for your online business.

Hence, WimoShip is certainly the best choice to opt for.

Most Common Hurdles Associated with the Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management is one of the most challenging operations that require skilled expertise and a handful of advanced software to streamline the deliveries. You must get yourself prepared to ride the storm when dipping your hands in managing your warehouse operations without any technical and professional assistance.

The biggest hurdles faced even by the experienced professionals include order management. You have orders in bulk quantity, which you have to deliver right on their due date alongside managing and effectively handling them. You have to handle each item safely as there could be perishable items or heavy machinery.

Maintaining order records and noting down the credentials on a piece of paper may result in human error and flaws that will create some serious influence on the delivery of those items. You have to look closely as to what kind of items are there and label them individually marking the location they need to be dropped. If you fail to mark the identity on the box along with mentioning the precautions needed in handling them, you will end up damaging your goods.

Similarly, time management is the second most important hurdle encountered during the warehouse management operations. As you know you have to pack orders and then dispatch them to delivery, you must not consume much time in packing and labelling each item. Similarly, the items are loaded using a different procedure. There is a queue for heavy machinery and for perishable items. The storing procedures are all different and it all depends upon effective labelling and time management. If you know how to streamline the processes, you will be able to manage your warehouse inventories in a breeze.

How Technology Can Assist in Handling the Warehouse Management System

With the integration of technology, the warehouse management system can be transformed completely. From the generation of computerized receipt to tracking of each order, labelling packages to handling products expertly, the warehouse operations will be managed effortlessly.

WIMO facilitates companies with efficient inventory management software to streamline the point of sale operations. You can effectively label each item with the proper tag and can create a proper list of similar items. In sheets, you can keep the information of each product with individual section holding the comprehensive aspects including weight, size and precautions.

Moreover, it’s imperative to have a professional tracking system that WIMO offers to know if you have missed out the shipment or whether the orders are dispatched safely or not. As WIMO provide last mile delivery operations, You can track each item until the time it reaches the doorstep.

In addition, with WIMO, being attached to your CRM, you can enjoy efficient registering of goods. The bar code scanning will let you look closely for any cracks or damage. WIMO lets you speed up your process and eliminates stress and flaws out of your business operations. So, take a step closer to experience hassle-free and proficient quality warehouse management services with the best point-of-sale software- WIMO.

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