Do Your Delivery Drivers Need Augmented Reality?

Do you know AR has the potentials to transform logistics and freight operations? No matter to which industry you belong you cannot ignore the contribution of Augmented Reality in bringing improvisation and advancements in the technological world. Just when the entertainment industry was indulged in the buzz of Pokémon Go, some of the tech giants invested in its integration of other operational activities. It came much of a surprise to witness an incredible shift to enhancement as the operations and management activities begin to flourish with the touch of AR.

Augmented reality transform the real world, using computer-generated visual. When it entered the logistics business, it fostered productivity and prosperity. You can leverage this technology to improve the productivity of your business and handling freight operations without collecting stress on your brows. To learn about its full potentials lets read on:
Identify and Handle Parcels
As per the statistics, the delivery drivers spend only 40-60% of their time in delivering. The major part is spent on organizing the orders and memorizing the exact placements of the different orders. A huge part of their day is wasted in searching the position of their parcel and they have to invest time in ordering each order depending on their routes.

If they, due to some reason, cannot follow the exact order of deliveries then they have to take time out in looking for that parcel just after reaching the delivery spot. With Augmented Reality, you can cut these substantial and other delivery expenses. With the efficient barcode readers, drivers can efficiently reach out for their desired parcel.
Dynamic Traffic
Next, to retrieving the right order, navigation is the biggest concern. The most time-consuming part of their job is to find the perfect route to deliver orders quickly. Customers demand punctual deliveries. They do not like to wait for their orders for longer. With AR, you can effectively manage your daily routes.

With the GPS technology integrated with AR, you will get a notification to pick certain routes with little to no traffic. In case AR notifies you of a route and during the time you reach there, the road gets blocked, the device will quickly guide you about an alternate route to pick. This keeps the flow of your operation activities going and no matter what happens your business never stops.
– Checking Parcels
You may get to deliver fragile parcels, which are most likely to get damaged. They may get influenced by an environmental condition or temperature change. In such a case, it’s best to check your parcel right before handing them to the customer. You should not leave a negative impact on your valued customers. The computer vision -enabled device you can easily scan the condition of your product and recognize its quality to ensure proficient deliveries.
– In a Nutshell
There is a lot to come in the tech landscape and to welcome innovations; you must keep your eyes on the latest news and updates. AR and AI are soon going to become a reason for many great advancements. So just stay tuned!

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