5 Things to Consider Before Selling Internationally – Crossborder

One of the famous business quote

The wider your reach is, the more customers you will get.

In order to make the transition from being a local seller to becoming an international seller, here are a few things that you need to consider and prepare.

1. The Plan

If you are planning to open your doors to international customers, you will need a plan to make it happen.

First is to identify the markets and customers avatar for your service/products.

Then, it’s time to gather additional data specifically only to the target regions, such as buying habits, spending patterns, local competition, local demands, gaps in supply, etc.

As a general rule, it might pay off to remember that smaller countries tend to have the highest number of international shoppers on the internet.

2. The Payment Options

There are some customers who are skeptical about international purchases, and that’s why it is important to provide them with a trusted payment option when they are about to checkout.

In the GCC region, COD (Cash on delivery) is one of the most trusted and popular payment options, so make sure that you are providing cash on delivery to gain customer trust. You can use shipping companies such as Wimo to provide cash on delivery payment methods for your customers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, & Bahrain.

3. The Rules and Regulations

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of businesses failed to expand internationally. They do not understand the rules and regulations governing international trade and, afraid of how those might impact their business negatively – If it’s done wrong.

Yes, things can get complicated and it would be impossible to learn everything without mistake. Nevertheless, here are a few points that you should keep in mind while doing the research.

  • You must let your customers know in advance about import duties and taxes that they have to pay.
  • The taxes and duties will differ, depending on the product, not just the country or region.
  • Check with your shipping service to make sure that they take care of the customs forms.
  • Take note of the countries or regions that have free-trade agreements with your country.

4. The Shipping

One of the biggest concerns of international online shopping is the shipping time.

This becomes a bigger problem when an international shipment normally takes longer than domestic shipping, and normally customers who are going for international shopping are willing to wait for the product to arrive.

The important thing is to keep them updated about their shipment status on a regular basis and you will be fine 🙂

5. Returns and Refunds

Your return policies must be planned in a way that it did not put your business in a hard situation. Check out the following points, which every seller should keep in mind when creating their return policy.

  • Put a time limit on the return process
  • Give your customers the option to opt for full store credit, instead of a full refund, when possible
  • If the customer must pay for the return shipment, make that clear from the start in your return policy

Running an online business can be rewarding, but shipping products can be stressful. To set yourself up for success, make sure to do it right, and you may even transform shipping into a competitive advantage to grow and scale your business. Enquire now at or visit

ecommerce fulfillment company

How Your Business Can Benefit From Fulfillment Company

A fulfillment company refers to a corporation that’s in the business of acting as a third-party warehouse. Their primary obligation is to prepare and ship the orders that are made by clients through your company. In essence, it’s like outsourcing the shipping process, especially if this is something that you don’t want to do yourself. It also might be because you’re looking for Kickstarter fulfillment services as your business is just starting out and still doesn’t have the right or good enough logistics for it.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s e-commerce industries, you must be able to manage your inventory effectively. Partnering with a fulfillment company to perform the shipping processes for you helps achieve that goal.

There are many other advantages that your business can gain through hiring a fulfillment company. This includes:

They Create Optimized Fulfillment Processes

Fulfillment companies are better versed in the order and shipping process than your company is. This is because it’s a skill that they’ve mastered, specialized, and trained well in. They have this level of expertise that you don’t. Hence the fulfillment company can come up with a more optimized fulfillment process. This means that your business is operating at its best level of efficiency, with the least possible cost.

The process includes:

  • Classifying inventory. This step involves picking by size and frequency of orders. 
  • Matching inventory to storage technology. This involves using a variety of equipment technologies such as pallet rack, vertical lift modules, and carousels, shelving, drawer systems, horizontal carousels, and pick modules.
  • Slotting inventory with storage technology. This helps determine the most appropriate slot of each product in a warehouse to achieve maximum storage capacity.
  • Mapping processes and workflow. This is to achieve the goal of maximizing output and reducing labor work and costs. 
  • Integrating business systems. When business systems are better integrated and matched, the visibility of products in your warehouse is maximized. This results in tremendous time savings of having to look for various items manually. 

They Take Care Of The Storage Of Products

When you’re running a business that sells products, one of the most difficult challenges that you’ll ever encounter has to do with the proper storage and handling of your products. Not only does this take up a lot of your workforce, but it can also result in higher costs when you have to do it yourself. Also, storage is not just about storing the products per se.

It encompasses a lot of concepts like the following:

  • Storing your products appropriately to avoid spoilage
  • Storing your products in a system that works for you (first-in, first-out, or alphabetical)
  • Storing your products in such a way that chemicals don’t interact and mix
  • Storing products for better reach and faster identification

All these, a third-party fulfillment company such as Wimo is well versed in. After all, it’s what they studied and mastered as the primary service of their business. It’s best to leave it in the hands of an expert, to avoid wasting products due to spoilage, for instance.

They Can Fight For Lower Shipping Costs

Fulfillment companies have a strong network of connections with national, regional, and international shipping companies. Through their frequent transactions, they can form better deals to fight for lower shipping costs. Often, this is also because of the volume of their shipping requests because of the nature of their business. When they perform all the shipping activities for many businesses, they can receive special discounts for bulk shipping.

Lower shipping costs is a good thing for businesses, as it invites more customers to order from you versus other online shops. When shopping online, the shipping fee is always one of the top-most considerations of shoppers. When it’s too expensive, they’ll always look for the business with the cheapest offer. Your business should be the one that offers the lowest shipping costs.

When you have to do the shipping yourself, you may not be able to reach the required quantity to avail of special discounts. 

They Take Away The Need For You To Sign Long-Term Contracts

When you’re operating during a lousy season, long-term leases are often your hindrance to change warehouses.

Alternatively, perhaps for whatever reason, you’ll have to close a business. If you choose to avail of a fulfillment company, your business will sign lesser contracts with other partners.

To begin with, you’ll no longer have to lease a warehouse.

Second, you’ll have more inferior employee contracts to maintain.

Third, you also will no longer have the need to partner with a logistics company. The lesser contracts you draft and are bound with, the better. This means that should a rainy season come for your business, you’ll also have lesser worries about rescinding all the other contracts.


Hiring a fulfillment company is, in essence, creating that delicate balance between efficient and streamlined processes, and cost-efficiency. It’s always about providing the best results and service to your clients. Maximizing profits for your business is also a plus. Engaging in the services of a fulfillment company is one of the most cost-effective inventory storage solutions to increase effectiveness for your business.

Running an online business can be rewarding, but shipping products can be stressful. To set yourself up for success, make sure to do it right, and you may even transform shipping into a competitive advantage to grow and scale your business. Enquire now at or visit

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5 Things to Know About Shipping Your Products

In the world of the internet and the COVID-19 crisis, online shopping has become a normal part of life. Some people shop online more than they do in a physical store, and businesses need to keep up. If you have a business and do online sales, you need to know how to ship your products. Shipping can have a huge effect on whether customers will come back to your shop, so you need to get it right the first time. If you know the right things, you can ship packages efficiently so that customers will want to buy from you again and again.

1. Watch Costs

Depending on the packages you sell, you may need to pay more for shipping. If you sell big items, like electronics, those will cost more to ship than smaller packages. When determining the cost of your products, you need to decide if shipping will be free or cost extra. Free shipping has become common for a lot of online stores, but be careful before you offer that. You’ll have to make up for that cost elsewhere, such as by raising the price of the product itself.

2. Ship in Bulk

If you have a small business and do the packing and shipping yourself, do it all in bulk. While you can package and ship each order as it comes in, that can be inefficient. Instead, package all of your orders once or twice per day. This will save you time. Packing and shipping in bulk can also help you get in the zone, which can increase your productivity.

3. Choose Your Courier Wisely

In the United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia, the Wimo, Aramex, SMSA Express, Esnad Express, and DHL are all great companies for shipping packages. However, they all have different services and costs. Before you choose the easiest or most convenient option, consider what you want or need out of a courier. Then consider how much you can afford to spend on those services. If you ship packages often, you might want the ability to ship packages from your home office. On the other hand, a newer business may want something simpler. Every business has different needs and priorities, so the best courier for one business might not be suitable for another.

4. Consider Receivable Factoring

While you might be able to process payments automatically, you should still have a backup method for getting your money. Cash on delivery one of the most popular methods of payment in the GCC region. Not to forget, you always need to account for the cost of inventory. When your customers don’t pay, you won’t have money to get more inventory for future orders. If you use a receivable factoring service, you can stay on top of your business without worrying about cash flow.

5. It Takes Time

Regardless of the courier service you use, shipping products will take up valuable time. As your business grows, you can hire someone to help you with the shipping. Even then, you’ll still need to oversee the packing process so that you can ensure the orders go to the right customers.

Running an online business can be rewarding, but shipping products can be stressful. To set yourself up for success, make sure to do it right, and you may even transform shipping into a competitive advantage to grow and scale your business. Enquire now at or visit

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers offer a great opportunity for people who want to get started selling their own inventory online but don’t have the capacity to store large quantities and fulfill orders themselves. They offer a strategic advantage and lower the barrier to entry. However, while they are practical and make eCommerce more accessible, they do have some drawbacks you need to be aware of before doing business with them. Here are a few of them.

Advantage – Allows You to Concentrate on What You Do Best

If your forte is finding great products to sell or developing your own, you don’t want to be tied up with all the logistics. The truth is that some of us are just not suited for that role, and having to invest in all of that infrastructure and hiring people to manage it is out of the question for most new eCommerce entrepreneurs. An order fulfillment company will allow you to fulfill orders with the same efficiency as the giants out there without the same initial investment.

Disadvantage – Less Control

At the end of the day, even if you choose the best fulfillment center there is, you are still giving up some power. Things can go wrong, and you are the one who will be to blame in that case. Some companies may want to be able to reduce delivery times or they find that their fulfillment center isn’t as efficient when it comes to returns. Coordinating with your customer support team can also be difficult when you’re dealing with a third-party logistics solution.

Advantage – Lower Overhead Costs

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going for a fulfillment center is lower overhead costs. Operating your warehouse costs a lot of money. Even if you decide to rent space in someone else’s warehouse, you will still have to pay money to maintain your inventory.

Not only that, but you will have to deal with equipment leases or purchases, payroll, and benefits packages for the people you hire. There is no need to worry about these things when working with an order fulfillment company.

Not only that, but fulfillment centers allow you to benefit from economies of scale as well. Since fulfillment centers handle large volumes, they can get preferential rates on shipping with various companies. And if you choose the location wisely, you’ll be able to save even more by reducing shipping distances.

Disadvantage – Not the Best Option for Small Volumes

You should know, however, that working with a fulfillment center does not automatically translate to lower costs. If you move very little merchandise or it stays on the shelf for too long, you will end up paying high fees. You could still benefit by focusing more on your main operation, but you will have to evaluate if the costs are worth it.

While working with a fulfillment center could be the perfect solution for certain businesses, it isn’t for everybody. So, make sure that you look at both sides before you decide on which option you’re going to choose.


Cheapest Way to Ship to Saudi Arabia

Wimo® is a one-stop shipping solution for ecommerce. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

International shipping requires more than a little effort.

When your package is traveling across borders, you have to comply with regulations of both the origin and destination countries.

You’ll also have a number of timing and cost issues to consider. Understanding all this will help you find the best shipping rates.

If you’re planning to expand your eCommerce business and ship to Saudi Arabia, you’ll want to know the cheapest and correct way to do this.

How Long Does Shipping to Saudi Arabia Take?

Of course, the answer to this question generally depends on the particular courier and service class you use.

If you’re using an express courier service, you can usually get your shipment to your Saudi Arabia customers within 2-4 days; but this can be an expensive way to ship so should be reserved for urgent or important shipments.

If cost is a concern, you can ship to Saudi Arabia with an economy courier service; this will deliver your package within 7-14 days.

Things to Consider

There are numerous things that will affect your shipping costs, and you should carefully consider these before deciding whether to ship to Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps the most important thing is to work out whether government regulations – both in your origin country and in Saudi Arabia – will allow your product to be shipped.

Many governments and couriers restrict dangerous goods or certain types of liquids, so you should check this.

In certain cases, you may be required to get a license to ship these types of items.

Of course, documentation is a crucial part of international shipping.

You will have to carefully prepare all the customs paperwork with accurate information about your shipment, including its declared value and harmonized codes.

WIMO can help you with the documents you need.

Another very important point that you need to consider is the duties or taxes you will have to pay.

Every item has its assigned percentage for duties or exemption for different items.

It’s important that your customs paperwork is filled out accurately because your duties will be calculated according to this.

Filling Out Shipping Paperwork

While preparing your parcel for shipping, you’ll need to ensure you have all the appropriate documents in order. For foreigners sending parcels back home, you’ll have to attach a copy of a government-issued ID (Iqama).

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to get your customs paperwork right, and WIMO can make this a breeze.

Find Cheap Shipping to Saudi Arabia

If you’re an eCommerce business owner that wants to ship to Saudi Arabia, then it would be very useful to find the cheapest rates as this will be beneficial for both you and your customers.

Finding the cheapest shipping rates will not only help you save costs and protect your bottom line, but it can also help you offer more options to your customs and potentially drive conversions.

WIMO can help you find cheap ways to ship to Saudi Arabia. We offer Worldwide pick-up in bulk to our fulfillment centers around Saudi Arabia.

By using WIMO you can improve your transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.


Three Benefits to Having Multiple Fulfillment Centers in Saudi Arabia & UAE

Wimo® is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

A big factor to consider while choosing a logistics provider is the location of their warehouse. While partnering is an effective way to manage fulfilment, why settle for one warehouse when you can have more?

Spreading inventory across multiple fulfilment centres and geographic locations mean you can be as competitive as companies with their own locations across Saudi Arabia, without the hassle of building up your own infrastructure.

There are 3 advantages to fulfilling orders out of multiple warehouses.

1. Faster shipping

How fast (or slow) is your standard delivery options? Today’s shoppers are spoilt for choices. There is nothing stopping them from leaving your site to find competitive online sellers who can deliver within their expected shipping times. If you can’t deliver the goods in less than 48 hours, you can most likely expect to see a drop in sales.

Ultimately, the faster a customer gets their order, the happier they will be. If your customers don’t all reside in one geographical region, having a large network of warehouses is really going to help you with this.

Having a fulfilment partner with a national network of warehouses guarantees that every time a customer places an order online, it will automatically be fulfilled from the warehouse closest to that customer. This significantly reduces delivery times which will help in retaining repeat customers and ensure growing sales.

2. Split shipping

Split shipping refers to any shipment with multiple items that have been broken down and split into two or more shipments.

This allows orders to be distributed through shipments from multiple warehouses in the event a single warehouse is unable to fulfil the complete order.

A fulfilment provider that has a split shipping product feature will benefit you if you run out of stock in a particular warehouse.

Customers come to a particular business to buy a product. To discover, in the middle of a shopping experience, that this business doesn’t have the desired item can disappoint customers. This leads them to look for an alternative competitor for the product.

A lack of inventory means longer waiting times for stock to be replenished. 53% of consumers said that speed of delivery is an important factor when it comes to evaluating their online orders, so stock-outs can almost always guarantee a loss in sales.

Split shipping protects you from potential out of stock mishaps. Even when inventory is low in certain warehouses, this feature ensures that orders are immediately fulfilled and delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

3. Lower shipping costs

When you only have one warehouse to ship out of, it can take a long time to physically reach your farthest customers. This means higher shipping rates.

It’s like flying from Riyadh to Makkah when compared to your country to Makkah. Which ticket is going to cost more?

It’s the same principle with your orders. The closer the stock is to your customers, the less it’ll cost you to get your products to them, which is efficient for both the seller and shopper.

With today’s expectations, high shipping prices will be all it takes for a customer to consider your brand a bad experience. Fulfilling out of multiple warehouses means you can place and store inventory closer to customers, which can significantly drive down your shipping costs.

Partnering and having access to a fulfilment providers national footprint lets you leverage their reach without having to pay for the extra infrastructure. Meaning outsourcing fulfilment can help you get your products to your customers in a fast and affordable manner.

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