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In order to build a solid base of the company, spread a good reputation of the brand name and generate continuously higher revenues, each business needs to satisfy its customers. When a firm can ensure customer satisfaction, it generates a great circle of loyal clients that pay back all its efforts.

Due to the high competition in the F&B market today, the bargaining power of customers is increasing significantly. Consequently, companies need to guarantee that they are offering memorable customer experience. To do so, asking for customer feedback and allowing them to benefit from a smooth customer experience when buying your products is meaningfully vital.

Delivery is also a critical step for companies that belong to the F&B industry. Despite the fact that people nowadays prefer their food to be delivered to either home or office, they usually face many issues before receiving their orders. These issues can turn out to affect the business negatively. To clarify, customers who choose their order to be delivered, they end up leaving a bad customer experience. For instance, the driver is taking too long and the customer finds himself obliged to make few calls in order to make sure that the order is on its way, which costs him and the company significant amounts, if done continuously. Or, the client has an urgent matter and needs to change the location for the order to be delivered. Sometimes, the client wants to make a claim regarding a certain matter during his delivery experience with the company directly to the manager.

Now, let me introduce one solution that handles the above issues and more. WIMO, a real time delivery management platform that has as a main concern to facilitate the delivery operations for managers, drivers and customers. Before launching the platform, WIMO decided to understand in-depth and from all corners what customers face during the delivery operations. Therefore, the software covers all the main issues regarding this matter and has solutions to overcome them and boost the overall performance of F&B businesses.

By offering the opportunity of real time tracking of the drivers to customers, the software helps first to eliminate the number of calls that customers need to make for continuous checking of the order arrival. In other terms, the software sends a text message to the customer once the driver starts delivering the order with the following set of information: duration of delivery, expected time of arrival, link to track the driver etc. Furthermore, WIMO makes sure that managers receive accurate and direct feedback from the customers that allows them and the company to understand better the clients, overcome any challenges that disturb the delivery operations and make them smoother and efficient. The software works also with the driver with the same aim stated above by offering the route optimization for quicker access to the customer’s location and generates well-detailed reports about the whole task performance to give full visibility to the managers.

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