Expand eCommerce Business to GCC Countries

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Easily expand your eCommerce business to GCC Countries

Don’t let logistics worries halt your cross-border operations and expansion. Expand your customer base, Increase sales opportunities.

  • No messy paperwork, no custom hassle
  • Bring 30% – 50% cost savings to your bottom line
  • 1,000+ Ecommerce partner with WIMO
  • Include country code

Leave Your Footprint in the Most Strategic Markets in GCC.

We will pick up in bulk from your country to our fulfillment centers in United Arab Emirates and send them to your customers in GCC countries.

Run an eCommerce business from your Country,
Sell to your customers in:

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait

Cost Effective, End-to-End Solution

Leave no space for first mile, customs, distribution, or even last mile worries. Pick your country, let us know your needs, and get your cost-optimized solution at the most optimum speed.

Perfect Solutions at Any Stage

Expanding cross-border can be daunting, and Wimo truly understands that. Whether it is testing the water, fulfilling orders consistently, or scaling your business overseas, there is always a dependable solution for you at Wimo.

No Customs, Too Daunting

GCC countries are highly varied, and imagining the dynamic customs regulations in the region alone might stop you from realizing your business’ full potential overseas. Leverage Wimo’s customs expertise to complete your expansion plans.

MENA eCommerce Market Size in 2020

eCommerce In The Middle East is Booming


Grow your eCommerce business with ease. As your local presence, we take care of all the logistics and leg work, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Selling your product internationally to GCC countries has never been so easy!

WIMO® is Built for Your eCommerce Business to Grow Globally

Expand customer base. Increase in a sales opportunity. We bring you the best delivery rate in GCC Countries


Reach New Market

Once your order fulfillment part is in the right hand, you can pay more attention to what’s really matters, such as sales & marketing, and taking your business to the next level.

No Returns

Handle your failed shipments in a smart, cost-effective manner. Protect your profits and increase customer satisfaction.

100% Transparent Costs, No Hidden Fee

Only pay as you send, we don’t charge any set-up fee or integration fee. The total cost = handling fee + shipping fee, as simple it can be.

Dedicated Account Manager

Wimo customer service is literally one-to-one. From the moment we start to tailor your fulfillment solution, to orders that are successfully fulfilled, you will know exactly who to talk to in every step.

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Our pricing is simple. No monthly fees, No surprises.
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