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  • Dispatch
  • Driver app
  • Customer view
  • Boards
  • Analytics

Dispatch & Routing

Dispatch your tasks to your field teams in a single click

Smart Routing

Optimize your daily routes to save on fuel costs, maintenance and wasted business time. Eventually, increasing hit rate and profits.

Automated Dispatching

Automatically assign tasks to the field agents based on a number of parameters ranging from load capacity, performance, distance and more.

Driver Management

Track your driver in real time while they manage their daily tasks with ease.

Proof of Work

Digitally capture a photo, notes or customer signature to prove delivery or work completion. All of this information is stored.

Assign and Track in Realtime

Assign and track your field agents in real-time and ensure timely completion of tasks.

Customer Experience

Delight your customers and enable them to track their services and deliveries from their mobile devices.

Real-Time Tracking

Now you can track every delivery/service agent in real-time. Reduce your missed delivery count. Reduce customer complaints.

Real-time Feedback

Monitor your field agent's service and performance. Track your customers feedback in real time and grow your loyal customers.

Backend Operations

Designed for managers to have a single holistic view on their drivers and overall company operations.

Real-time Dashboard

Utilize the real-time capabilities of WIMO to aggregate all the information in a single powerful view.

Monitor feedback and Status

Empower managers and back-office teams to monitor and pro-actively delight their customers and reduce complaints.

Analytics & Insights

Turn all your data from operations and drivers into intelligent insights to make better business decisions.

Customized Reports

Build your own reports and allow your connections to extract their own reports with ease.

Analyze Behaviors and Flows

Create insights from daily operations to make better decisions to improve their work and performance.

Empower your mobile workforce now