How to get deliveries done in less than 1 minutes using WimoShip

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up to easily fulfill orders and get any kind of delivery done with just a few clicks.

Nowadays, many people opt for delivery services to send over a variety of things.

For instance, delivery of gifts and presents, goods and products which are essential in online business.

Online businesses depend mainly on delivery services to meet those requirements. If delivery services could not offer stellar delivery, it will very likely affect the businesses in a negative way.

As there are so many demands, many couriers offer assorted packages with different fees.

However, the current mainstream courier in UAE often faces with delays and late arrival.

Fret not, there are many other couriers which can provide you with better service. Meet WimoShip.

WimoShip is a one-stop shipping solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It surely can get your postage process and delivery done in less than 1 minutes.

Save money on every delivery

With WimoShip, it doesn’t matter whether you send 1 or even 100 parcels per day, you can enjoy cheap shipping rates that are usually reserved only for big companies.

WimoShip helps small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to flourish.

Worry not, you are certainly not bound to any minimum commitment or contract in order to enjoy such low rates.

Ship more in less time

Usually, it takes a lot of time to get your customer shipments done.

However, WimoShip helps to simplify and speed up the amount of time to ship out orders.

Fortunately, printable shipping labels and pick up service are available with WimoShip. Indeed, you can say bye-bye to handwriting consignment notes and queuing at the post office.

Easily get ship done

WimoShip offers 3 easy steps to get your ship done. Just book, print and, send out.

  1. Book – Orders can be made through e-commerce integrations. The other way is by filling out shipping details using booking form provided.
  2. Print – Shipping label can be easily printed and attached to the item. The label contains tracking number, barcode and shipping details.
  3. Send – WimoShip partners will come to pick-up and deliver the item. If you prefer, you may simply drop the item at the nearest drop-off center depending on which courier service you choose.

All types of delivery on one platform

One of the disadvantages of delivery services is that fragile and vulnerable items can be broken easily.

However, WimoShip can cater to your needs regardless of the items.

You can send parcels, documents, food, flowers, or even cakes with WimoShip.

Any fragile items or large packages can be delivered using one platform.

All items will be handled with care and love.

More than just delivery

Other than delivery services provided, WimoShip also comes with amazing shipping features that can help to enhance online businesses.

It has shipping labels, liability coverage, and automatic notification to update the delivery status.

There is also an option for cash on delivery (COD) to deliver and collect payment.

All in all, WimoShip provides numerous advantages to its delivery services.

For sure, entrepreneurs like you only want nothing but the best for your online business.

Hence, WimoShip is certainly the best choice to opt for.

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