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Questions & Answers

What is Wimo?

Wimo is an e-commerce delivery platform where sellers access the best carriers across GCC and globally via Wimo gateway. Wimo provides sellers with the fastest & most price-efficient way to deliver their shipments. Using Wimo real-time platform, sellers are able to track their sales, returns, cash collections, reports and more.

Is Wimo a carrier?

Wimo is a digital booking service to arrange for collections and distribution to carriers, but it is not a carrier. The collections are carried out by our carrier partners. You will not have to operate any system beyond ours.

Do you have any shipping restrictions?

We do not ship perishable foods (even if refrigerated), flammable products, plants and other living things.

What are the fees charged?

There is no monthly fee. Refer to the table quotes provided to us by our partner carriers. The other amounts collected correspond to the contracted services, such as delivery fees, value of insurance against loss of parcels and other delivery-related charges.

Who opens tickets or treats occurrences with carriers?

Wimo is responsible for opening and tracking the occurrences with the carriers when they perceive some disagreement with the shipments or when senders and recipients activate our service team. Your team no longer has to worry about managing multiple carriers at the same time, just talk to Wimo.

What changes in my business?

You will have more efficiency and tranquility in your logistics, as well as a partner committed to listening to your needs to learn, evolve and perfect services for the benefit of all.

Is there any specific procedure for collection?

In order to collect, you need to subsribe to either our daily or weekly collection service. Please contact our Shipping Solutions team to subscribe to one of our services.

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