Saudi Arabia Fulfillment

We pick-up Worldwide in bulk to our fulfillment centres around Saudi Arabia

Improve your transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.

  • No messy paperwork, no custom hassle
  • Bring 50% cost savings to your bottom line
  • 1,000+ Ecommerce partner with WIMO
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How does it work?

Streamlined fulfillment from your online store to your customer’s door in Saudi Arabia


1. Pick-up

We will pick up your products from your country – No messy paperwork, no custom hassle


2. Store

We store your inventory securely in our fulfillment centers


3. Ship

Your customer places an order. We pack and ship the order to your customer fast.


A powerful network of fulfillment centers

We help you determine optimal inventory placement across our growing fulfillment network in Saudi Arabic to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs.

  • Easy-to-understand pricing
  • Wide range of fulfillment services
  • Hands-off fulfillment so you can focus on everything else

Integrated E-Commerce fulfillment software

WIMO’s software acts as your back office for logistics, letting you manage and edit orders, track real-time stock levels across our fulfillment centers, and receive notifications when you need to reorder inventory.


Start Growing With WIMO Today

Improve your transit times, shipping costs (Save 40% – 50%), and the delivery experience for your customers.

Fast shipping =  Happy customer 😊


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Our pricing is simple. No monthly fees, No surprises.
Our software is free, you just pay for the delivery costs and get monthly free deliveries!

Do you know? We are the only company that provide Instant COD remittance in Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates
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