WIMO Instant COD – Maintain An Uninterrupted Cash Flow For Your eCommerce Business

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For any eCommerce business, maintaining steady cash flow can be difficult, especially in a country like Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, where over most of the customers still prefers COD as the desired payment method.

You often find yourself caught up between delayed COD remittance and an improper inventory as there is a gap between the inflow of cash and forecast.

This situation often leads to losses because, more often than not, you lack the funds to purchase fresh inventory or you over purchase and cannot sell enough.

To avoid these issues and thrive with COD buyers, WIMO has introduced its Instant COD feature.

Benefits of Instant COD for Your Business

Uninterrupted Cash Flow

With Instant COD, you get an uninterrupted cash flow that helps you maintain a continuous cash cycle and plan your business better.

Scope For Further Investment

Once your cash cycle becomes stable, you get a chance to invest in various other ventures like marketing, technology, warehouse management, and predictive analytics.

This allows you to prepare beforehand for busy seasons like the festive period.

Sorted Inventory Management

Steady cash flow gives you a chance to analyze your sales trends accurately and planning for the future in a much more sorted manner.

You can stock products accordingly and modify the quantities based on previous patterns and trends.

With stable cash flow and super fast remittance, you can quickly improve your operations and optimize your resources for a better output of your business.

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