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Save time and money on shipping across Saudi Arabia (KSA) & United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Save up to


delivery cost

Serves over


eCommerce partners

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in KSA & UAE

Send anything & anywhere across Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates.

We deliver anything; document, parcel, food, flower, cake, or large packages

Need to deliver something? Let us do it for you.

We’ve built the most powerful and flexible system to help with your day to day delivery orders in UAE & KSA.

Wimo Award

The Best Logistics Delivery Platform 2019

The WIMO team strives to innovate every day; taking steps forward to make eCommerce shipping from anywhere in Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates easy, stress-free, and affordable.

Instant COD Remittance

Daily and weekly pickups available

Better Success Rate

Shipping made simple

How our Pickup and Delivery service work, We’ll show you how to do it in 3 easy steps!
wimo book shipping

1. Book

Cashless! Get an instant quote, purchase credit online, and book a delivery using your smartphone or web browser.

Confirm the order, package, and label your item correctly so our delivery partners can differentiate it from other items.

wimo shipping tracking

2. Track

One of our delivery partners will arrive at your door to pick up your items.

Track your items during delivery and know exactly where your items are in real-time with GPS technology, right from your smartphone or web browser.

wimo shipping notification

3. Free Notifications

Once the package is on the way to the receiver, the receiver will receive a delivery status notification via SMS.

The sender will receive delivery status via emails. The delivery is a success!

Power your eCommerce store with door-to-door delivery at a fraction of the cost

Seamlessly Integrate Multiple Sales Channels & Order Management Systems

WIMO helps you take control of deliveries.

Fulfil orders and track shipments anywhere you are, anytime you like. It’s cloud-based software for eCommerce that takes the guesswork out of shipping decisions and makes deliveries beautiful.

WIMO can connect to your other tools to streamline your delivery operations, from checkout to doorstep. Use our REST-API to connect WIMO out-of-the-box, to dozens of applications, including Excel Sheets, with no coding required.

You can also integrate directly with our robust RESTful API for more custom integration.

Check out our API docs to get started.

Great for your business

There are several unique services and features to boost up your business operation from managing your store orders to keeping your receivers informed on shipping statuses.

Manage your delivery in one place

Book express delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery with us.

Domestic & International delivery

No matter where you’re shipping to, just book online and get it delivered worldwide from renowned domestic and international couriers.

Collect cash from your customer

Allow your agents to collect cash & credit card on delivery. No more bounced deliveries because of payments.

Bulk orders

Import all your shipments with our simple Excel Bulk uploader. Edit all your shipments in your beloved Excel, then upload it to our web app for easy bulk shipping.

Online store integrations

Selling online has never been easier with our seamless integrations.

Shipping label

Printable shipping label or consignment note issued instantly after complete booking.

Get your business insight and report

Our dashboard will help you get better insights into your shipments and make better decisions.

Ready to ship faster, get the lowest rates, and grow your business?

No monthly fees, No surprises. Our software is free, you just pay for the delivery costs.



Our Solution

Worldwide bulk pickup to Saudi Arabia

Streamlined fulfillment from your eCommerce store to your customer’s door in Saudi Arabia

Our Solution

On-demand eCommerce Storage & Fulfillment

Simple, time saving delivery solution. Flexible storage, Pay per use, Professional packing, 24/7 Security & CCTV Monitoring

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Our pricing is simple. No monthly fees, No surprises.
Our software is free, you just pay for the delivery costs and get monthly free deliveries!