WIMO: The Intelligent Scheduling AI

Since consulting for a good number of <a href=”http://www.wimoapp.com”>WIMO</a> clientele I have been privileged to gain meaningful insight towards how various organizations run their logistics operations. I have been privy to see the weaknesses in the cycles used as well as the benefits of using such cycles. One aspect of the different challenges I come across on almost a daily basis is the use of manual solutions for various challenges.

All organizations run differently and a trend that is most noticeable is the two types of characters that I come across. Some organizations have the attitude of investing in technology for the future, thereby planning to move with the times and adjust according to technological solutions that provide value, efficiency and productivity to their operations. On the other hand some clients have the mentally of “if it’s not broken, why fix it”.

In order to make the most of the resources one has and create not only a competitive advantage but reduce costs internally one must be willing to be innovative and try out not just different approaches but proven approaches that I have seen our current clientele gain from. This is where WIMO comes into play.

The WIMO platform is in summary an operations management AI that works according to parameters set by not just our clients but our client’s customers. For example; certain customers will place orders from clients and set a window for delivery. WIMO’s AI is able to judge and predict how many deliveries a driver can successfully achieve by factoring in the distance through google traffic analytics, the average delivery time for that business and also account for the time set by clients to receive deliveries.

This then allows Logistics supervisors/managers properly plan out their delivery operations (pickup and drop-off) by seeing how many batched delivery tasks a driver can perform in a day. It creates a clear path by also allowing us to create a buffer time for emergencies also. We would be able to know in advance if a prolonged delivery or an accident would then create a knock-on effect for other upcoming delivery tasks. Once this is identified, logistic managers can then send triggered emails/SMSs notifying of the pre-determined delay. Once the SMS is sent, another vehicle can be dispatched to the existing vehicle to pick-up delivery items and continue along the predetermined route and meet scheduled delivery windows.

As wonderful as this sounds, it requires an organization’s willingness to open up about logistic operations in order for it to be achieved. This means being able to see/witness how orders are prepared right from once their placed till the point they reach the customer’s location for off-loading. Trusting WIMO’s experienced consultants with your challenges is the fastest way to getting this done and subsequently make scheduling as simple and automated as possible.
<p style=”text-align: center”>“To solve your scheduling nightmares, trust a WIMO consultant today”.</p>

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